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Welcome to the home of innovation by inventors

With almost 30 years experience in business and product development, through trials and tribulations, we can now offer, with confidence, our expertise, experience and skills into turning not only our ideas, but also your ideas into reality ... because we know how to!

The Watalot Group, primarily aims at the development, sales and marketing of new and exciting products and services created by budding inventors. We provide a total product solution tailored to each idea, from the early design stage right through to market strategy and implementation on a global scale.

We partner with preferred manufacturers, retailers and other important companies in order to reach the global market.

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What we offer through Watalot (www.watalot.com)
In-House Products:

Our own unique inventions from past, present, and future which are manufactured in the United Kingdom with preferred suppliers/manufactuers. It is what we come up with in-house using our own nogging to offer it to you as an alternative to normal gifts that you would normally purchase!.
Venture Products :

Products where entrepreneurs/inventors pitch their idea to us and should we like the idea, then we will offer a joint venture agreement. We will then take the idea from concept to the marketplace. This is not a “den” or “tank” idea where we are capital investors but rather, "partners" in getting the idea to market through our channels and expertise..
Existing Public Products :

These are existing innovative and unique products where we will be the conduit to get into the market through our vast network across the globe. We search out new and exciting products that we believe will make an impact.  

Watalot has our own unique services which include mobile apps. We will partner with entrepreneurs and inventors to provide our platform in order to launch their services to the global market. Again, we are not venture capitalists but rather here to assist those budding inventors.
Our Affiliate Products and Companies ... and growing
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